PubCoder Certified Expert

Becoming a PubCoder Certified Expert allows you to attract and win new business, differentiate yourself from competitors and be part of a great community.

  • Discount: we offer 35% discount on a 12 month license. 
  • Visibility: we offer full visibility on our website on a dedicated page and to offline events such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, Salone Internazionale del libro etc...
  • Support: a PubCoder Certified Expert will receive priority support.
  • Official PubCoder courses: as a trainer, he/she will be able to offer 35% discount on a license to his/her students. Students can use a trial version for the course. The trial can be extended if necessary by contacting us. We will support courses/workshops organised by our PCE by promoting them through our channels (web, blog, socials, events).
  • A PubCoder Certified Expert logo will be provided to include it in your website/blog/documentation etc…
  • Access to new beta versions and participate in giving direct input to the development of the software.
  • Dedicated training on new features and/or releases.
  1. Basic requirement: you need to have a valid license.
  2. Register for the exam at, please indicate in your email if you would like to be certified as Trainer or Producer.  

    The examination as a Trainer consists in a 15-minute lesson in which you will expose and explain the technical characteristics of your project. The examination as Producer consists in  answering a series of questions relevant to the project .

  3. Exam: you need to submit and present a project made with PubCoder (project file + output). The project should be based on your own assets or it can also be based on assets provided by PubCoder.
    The compulsory elements to include in your project are:

    - submit your project with at least 10 functionalities picked from the example project

    - submit 2 different exports, one in EPUB format and one in app format (either iOS or android)

  4. Once you registered to the exam you will receive an email with date and time to present and discuss your project via Skype
  5. If successful, you will receive:

         - official copy of certification by email

         - a PubCoder Certified Expert logo and link to include in your communication channels


To prepare for the exam you can: