Find a PubCoder Certified Expert

Need to find a trainer or a course on PubCoder? Looking for a PubCoder Certified Expert to produce your interactive ebook, app or web content? 
PCEs around the world are pushing creativity and productivity levels for your interactive content. 








Meghdad Asadi Lari Northlight Pro USA yes yes
Marita  Bassano Premedia Publishing Italy   yes
Kristian Bojack Lombardi   Italy yes yes
Silvia Calcagno Masterfinger Italy  yes yes
Michele D'Agostino   Italy   yes
Francesca Di Martino Edizioni Piuma Italy   yes
Michela Di Stefano Studio361 Italy yes yes
Benedetta Frezzotti Studio Platypus Italy yes yes
Artem Kozachenko eLibellus  Russia yes yes
Sergio Molino   Italy   yes
Andrea Moshi AppSameach Italy   yes
Humberto Neves Ardozia Portugal yes yes
Luca  Pianigiani Jumper Italy yes yes
Markus Rupprecht   Germany yes yes
Maria Isabella Reggio Tangerinelab Italy yes yes
Emmanuel Roc   France yes  
Massimiliano Spigolon Masterfinger Italy yes yes
Adriana Sievers   Brazil yes yes
José Fernando  Tavares Booknando Livros Brazil yes yes
Mustafa Temiztas Biblioteknik Turkey yes yes
Erika Vicaretti Tangerinelab Italy yes yes
Mawusee Komla Foli-Awli Ma Cedille Plus Togo yes yes