Patch the Steampunk Pirate Bear: a two-time award winner children's eBook


We have asked a few questions to Matt Dean, the author of Patch the Steampunk Pirate Bear, an interactive book created with PubCoder. Patch has already won two awards for Best Interactive Children’s eBook from Moonbeam Children’s book Awards and Best Illustrated Children’s eBook from Independent Publishing Awards.

How did you get the idea to create an interactive book?

I wanted to do an interactive book because I wanted a way for the story to come alive on the pages. I wanted something that could be still and allow the user to study the image, but also be able to interact if they wanted to. At first I was excited after seeing the basic ability within Apple’s iBook Authoring software. I was creating all the images for the book in Photoshop, so it was going to be easy to separate each piece and find ways to do fun things with every page. But when I started to build the interactive part, I began to see the limitations in iBook Author. Rather than be stuck with limitations, I started looking for other options. After trying to make plugins work and finding out that adobe’s programing software for interactive devices was really expensive and extremely complicated, I found PubCoder. Not only did PubCoder do what I wanted to do, it also gave me some new ideas that I couldn’t have done otherwise - like building mini games within the book, the coloring pages and the Read aloud function.

What has been the feedback from the users/readers to now?

Feedback from users has been wonderful. They really like the surprises I’ve hidden throughout the book as well as the video and the coloring pages.

In the past weeks you won two awards, can you please share more about that and the feedback you received from the jury?

The awards have been a wonderful encouragement. The books that were next to Patch in the competition were extremely well done - most of them hand drawn - and I was honored to be among them. The Jury seemed to like the unique imagery, extensive interactivity, the sound effects and music and the story.

Which are you next projects?

The next project is the next book for Patch . The plan is to turn this into a large children’s book series and I will also be pitching this as a TV show to some of the traditional and online networks.

Download the ebook from iTunes

Enrico Gazzano

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