Benvenuti ABC

Made with love by 120 illustrators

inspired by

A big welcome to migrant kids

Italy welcomes every year a growing number of migrants and, among them, many children; Benvenuti ABC is designed for initial reception, to establish a dialogue, to snatch a smile.

This is the result of an initiative begun at the beginning of 2016, which saw the light thanks to the collaboration of 120 illustrators and many other people who have given their time and talents. We are happy and grateful, but not surprised: there are many volunteers who every day are dedicated to welcoming and integrating migrants in our country. 

Among them, the Fondazione Migrantes, involved since the beginning and helping us in spreading and distributing Benvenuti ABC in reception centres in Italy and anywhere we can make a child smile.

Do you want to organise a presentation of Benvenuti ABC in your school? Do you want to realise your own project with your class, your school or your association? Contact us for more information.

With Benvenuti ABC we introduce Edook, a digital library available to all Pubcoder users who wish to share a project made for children and teenagers; download Edook for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, it collects educational free content.


Benvenuti ABC, made with Pubcoder, has been designed  to be used on mobile phones and tablets. Our technology also allows you to publish your work into a website, and that's exactly what we did here below! 189 beautiful interactive boards that you can animate with your mouse or your finger; you can listen to reading of words, numbers, colors, parts of the body and family. Enjoy!

Tap the words to listen (ita/eng)

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Carmine Luino Adriana Langtry


Annalisa Zambelli Ilaria Zanellato

120 thanks


Benvenuti ABC is a PubCoder initiative.

From an original idea of ​​Anna Karina Birkenstock and Caspar Armster.

The PubCoder Team

A lot of extraordinary people helped us to make it.

Sergio Durando di Fondazione Migrantes and Rocco De Paolis alfabetizzatore CPIA, who

since the beninning, came on board with their passion and skills.

Roberta Chinni and Neal Hoskins, the dream team of the Bologna Children's Bookfair who

have consistently supported the initiative; a special hug to Roberta.

The inexhaustible Giulia Natale, who devoted for months every moment of her days to support the illustrators who joined the initiative.

Rami Zaatari for the Arabic translation.

Giancarlo Judica for reading in Italian

Mattia Garofalo for reading in English

The recordings were made by Luca Vicinelli study at Lumax CircoloArciSud

Sound design edited by Paolo Favaro

For some sound effects