You have just downloaded PubCoder and want to learn how fully exploit its potential?

Are you already using it but you would like to learn how to use it as a Pro?

Our one to one training offer practical activities that will help you  to be more productive. You will learn to create ebooks and/or interactive apps that you can deploy on all platforms with animated content, videos, sounds and read aloud functions.

Courses and webinars

One to one training

Duration: 1h training via Skype  

To schedule your one-to-one training write to

€80 + VAT



Installing PubCoder with free trial license

Brief overview on the digital publishing market

Preparation of materials for the project: image resolution, text features, video, audio and other elements that will be used and implemented in the project

Project Example: an overview of interactive examples to study and use

General project settings

Available formats: Choosing the default format

The workspace

Manage objects, assets, levels

Events and actions: interactivity and animation

Processing of text, shapes and images

Index and page navigation

How to use the overlay

The actions on objects

Use the "read aloud" function

Questions and answers

Course Length: n. 1 day for 6 hours.
Teacher: Daniela Calisi



Test the project on tablet

Errors, warnings, project validation

Create a custom style

Embedded fonts and font replacement utility

Building interactions: events, actions, counters

Animations frame by frame, gif, svg, action lists

Widgets: Gallery, masked image, quiz

Workspaces and override

Multilingual app and app Multiformat

Preparation for publication

Export an EPUB, iOS App, Android App, Kindle format and HTML5

Questions and answers 

Course Length: n. 1 day for 6 hours.
Teacher: Daniela Calisi



Introduction to XHTML

The workflow

Import from InDesign

Font styles, paragraph styles

Classes and inline styles

Advanced management and conversion of fonts

Use external editor

JavaScript page header and project

Workspaces and override

Building a book series

Designing for the work of a team

Create your own digital bookshelf 

Course Length: n. 1 day for 6 hours.
Teacher: Daniela Calisi

Theoretical Courses

Short courses, 2/4 hours.

  • Digital publications for children in Italy.
  • The digital publishing market: stores, formats and major players.
  • Why EPUB3? Standard, stakeholders, scalability.
  • Interactive literature: some significant examples.

Thematic Courses

Short courses, 2/4 hours, focused on specific themes. Starting with a sample template you will work on it to get a finished customised product.

  • Create your portfolio
  • Create your interactive banner
  • Create a product catalogue
  • Create a photo album
  • An overview of the digital book market.
  • Sell ​​apps and eBooks on multiple platforms
  • Convert your digital content into digital publications