An interactive product catalogue for Sales Rep, the interview with Enrico Malinverni

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By Daniela Sabatini posted in News

Tell us briefly about Alinor's product catalogue you recently made with our technology

Alinor transforms basic foods such as milk, rice, soybeans and oats. In the catalogue you can find a range of traditional products: cream, whip cream, white sauce, puddings and organic vegetable drinks. This assortment of products expands and renews itself continuously. New adjustments to the regulations, redesign of packaging are very frequent variants. Managing the communication of these changes, often small, to the sales force quickly and effectively with classical methods proved to be complicated and inefficient. When I explained to the customer the potential of an app to solve these problems, they immediately shown curiosity and openness to this innovation.

Many companies are using tablets and digital solutions as a sales tool. What was the client's brief?

The tablet is undoubtedly powerful and extremely versatile, especially as a support for a sales rep. It will soon become, in my opinion, more and more essential in marketing. The client's brief was to develop a high-impact catalogue of products, simple and easy to navigate, essential in the information part: suitable for a quick presentation with a big impact.



Why did you choose Pubcoder?

I have always believed in tools capable to unleash creativity. After evaluating several options, thanks to the advice of a friend who is an illustrator, I came across of Pubcoder. It is a software well known for making editorial products, in particular ebooks for children. It was this last connotation to intrigue and attract my attention. I find children's ebooks extremely creative. A serious matter, nothing childish... And when I read of his intuitive features I immediately thought it could be the right product for me and so I contacted the developers. I had a quick chat with them and the same evening I was already experimenting it while I was listening and reading the tutorials.

What sort of challenges have you encountered and how did you overcome them?

Learning a new software means challenge yourself with a desire of progressing and improving your skills, and at the same time coming to terms with your usual habits and fear of new. I must say that in this in Pubcoder was a happy experience, thanks to its rather intuitive nature. Since I'm always on the side of the app user and I come from the most classic graphic design environment, the real challenge for me was the technical aspects. I overcome all obstacles brilliantly by purchasing an ad hoc training package focused on my specific needs.

How was it made available to Alinor salespeople and how is it used?

The app can be downloaded from the company website or directly from Apple store and Google Play Store. The catalogue is particularly suitable to view it on tablets, making it immediately accessible to data and sales sheets.

More and more agencies use Pubcoder to create digital products for their customers, ydo you have any advice for them?

I feel too unexperienced in this area to be able to give advice. Because of my short experience, the only thing I am now convinced is its versatility: a tool that allows you to unleash your creativity and at the same time lit limits the technical aspect, which is often a burdensome. Not small thing for a graphic designer.

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Daniela Sabatini

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