PubCoder 2.3, a turning point. Test us again for free.

PubCoder 2.3
By Paolo Albert posted in Tech

Dear PubCoder friends, 
Since our start in 2013 we have been working hard to build the best authoring tool for interactive digital storytelling. While the list of features we’d like to implement is still very long and ambitious, we think with PubCoder 2.3 we reached a tipping point and we’d like everyone to experience it. For this reason you will get the opportunity to (re)test PubCoder for free for 30 days.  All you have to do is to install or update the latest version of the software (
We think an authoring tool should have three strong legs:
1) a powerful interactive engine for mobile experience,
2) the ability to cover all major platforms and any website,
3) perfectly fit on the production workflow currently used by professionals. 
In the past we focused our efforts on the first two areas and developed a set of easy to use features that allows users to create enrichments, interactivity, read aloud, then being able to export your creation to all kinds of format files like EPUB, native Applications, HTML5 and KF8. No matter if you use a Mac or a PC (or both).
With PubCoder 2.3 we concentrated on the third leg. After 12 month of development we completely rebuilt our InDesign asset import engine. Now you can import assets from your InDesign files seamlessly, maintaining the same rich and sophisticated layout you designed, pixel by pixel, font by font, image by image inside PubCoder, and start immediately with the creative process.
For the ones who are never satisfied, in 2.3 we also implemented the support to TestFlight, which greatly simplifies the testing process for iOS apps, and added two of the most requested widgets: Pan&Zoom and Memory Game.
We are always listening and learning from our users, plese try us out (again) and let me know what you think. 
Best regards,
Paolo Albert
CEO & Founder

Paolo Albert

Paolo is responsible for the overall development workflow and roadmap, ebooks and product specifications as well as coding the HTML5, javascript, CSS and iOS exports. Prior to PubCoder, Paolo founded an IT company and spent 15 years helping publishers to develop their own digital products. He is an expert in development and project management on open source projects (PHP based websites and applications), on iOS and based Applications and frameworks. He does R&D in EPUB3 cross-platform development and in HTML5/CSS3 front end web and mobile design and is a speaker at various conferences worldwide dedicated to publishing.