Case studies: The multi-category Shelf created for La Coccinella publishing house

La Coccinella Shelf

La Coccinella was established at the end of the 70's and immediately became famous for its "holes with the books around them", cardboard and perforated books that had a huge success for this tactile characteristic.

Today, La Coccinella is also a multi-category shelf with in-app purchase payment system available for Google Play and Apple Store offering three series of interactive game books for pre-school children.


The quick and easy navigation with menu in Italian allows the reader to download books and buy them directly from the app. The app is also "reader", thus avoiding any compatibility problem with the device used.



La Coccinella presents three series of books: Apri le finestrine a series to help to understand the relationships between images, Gioca Sagomine to learn how to recognize shapes and animals, and Così Cosà to help to overcome the little fears of everyday life through images that completely change at the touch of the child.

Readers can:

  • coloring illustrations with fingers
  • listen to stories
  • discover animals and hidden elements
  • drag the templates to the right place
  • learn the names and verses of animals



Daniela Sabatini

Daniela is looking after the overall communication at PubCoder. Before joining PubCoder, she worked at YOOX Group, where she was responsible for the Art at area, prior to that she spent 8 years in Ireland working in the area of marketing, communication and business development for important international art institutions such as the Royal Hibernian Academy, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin Contemporary 2011 as well as business clients such Veuve Clicquot, Hennessy (LVMH Group).

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