Halloween: Yum&Yuk the spooky ebook made with PubCoder in only one month.

Halloween: Yum&Yuk the spooky ebook made with PubCoder in only one month.
By Daniela Sabatini posted in News

Meghdad Asadi, from the film and animation production agency Northlight Productions, used PubCoder to animate the ebook version of Yum&Yuk by author Nannette Nocon. The result is a fun and beautiful interactive ebook for children with lots of engaging features.

How did you learn about PubCoder?

After I animated a children’s book for an artist who wanted to have her illustrated book to be animated, and because of the great feedback that she got for the animated version of her book, she decided to hit the digital market as well, and have this book to be published online. 
After doing some research on how that might be possible, we realized that most of the online publishers will release the book as a regular PDF book. But we’ve already had the moving elements and it was a pity not to include them in the digital version. After doing some researches and a deep testing of different platforms, we couldn’t find a perfect solution to include the animations in the digital format in its best way. Fortunately in the meantime, my colleague Matthew Spaull, the creative director of our company stumbled upon PubCoder and suggested me to give it a shot. So I downloaded the trial version of the software and started working in the app right away and found it the perfect match to what we were actually looking for.

Did you have any experience before with a similar software? Or it is your first time you approach a software such as PubCoder?

I did have some basic experience with Adobe InDesign, and my first ‘go to’ software to work on the eBook was InDesign. But after couple days of testing different functionalities in InDesign, I couldn’t get what I was actually looking for.

Before using PubCoder, did you feel you missed something capable to trigger and let you express your creativity at its best?

By testing a few other software, and looking at some sample works and other digital books, I was feeling that something is still missing. Specially, with my technical background, I needed more freedom to leverage my programming skills at higher level and include interactivity to the eBook as much as possible. 
Also, since I’ve had a strong knowledge in the animation field, I wanted to be able to apply my animation skills to the project as well. So I was looking for a platform to use my both technical and artistic skills at the same time.

How and why you started using PubCoder? What issues has PubCoder solved and which opportunities has opened?

By just watching some of the video tutorials on PubCoder website, I quickly realized that this is the software that I was looking for. The animation functionality along with the interactivity and programming functionality of the app, and also the freedom that software would give to me to import several types of content was something that would definitely give me the opportunity to be more creative and make the eBook more interesting. I should mention that the app is offering all different types of premade interactive button and assets that could be used with just one click. Even though these assets are premade, there are good amount of attributes assigned to each element, offering a high level of freedom to the user to be more creative, yet everything is so self descriptive that the user don’t need to dig into each element to find how it works.

What are your expectations in digital publishing, in general, and how can PubCoder tackle future challenges?

In my opinion, one of the fields that PubCoder can target and develop its functionalities based on can be the education system. With all the fast growing software and technologies, I believe that the education system will encounter lots of changes in the close future. Everybody can have their own publishing center and knowledge would deliver much easier than before.

What do you like best and why, if yes, would you recommend it?

The easy use of the app with a professional final result is what I liked the most about PubCoder. I learned it in less than a month in a way that I was able to deliver my first ever interactive eBook in its best quality in that short period of time. And it is a very light software. You don’t need a high end workstation to work in PubCoder. I would definitely recommend this software not only to independent designers and producers, but also to the professional publishing companies. With the fast and detailed tech support that the PubCoder team offer, I would say this should be the ‘go to’ software for all individuals in the digital publishing field.

Daniela Sabatini

Daniela is looking after the overall communication at PubCoder. Before joining PubCoder, she worked at YOOX Group, where she was responsible for the Art at yoox.com area, prior to that she spent 8 years in Ireland working in the area of marketing, communication and business development for important international art institutions such as the Royal Hibernian Academy, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin Contemporary 2011 as well as business clients such Veuve Clicquot, Hennessy (LVMH Group).