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By Daniela Sabatini posted in News
Meghdad Asadi, from the film and animation production agency Northlight Productions, used PubCoder to animate the ebook version of Yum&Yuk by author Nannette Nocon. The result is a fun and beautiful interactive ebook for children with lots of enga...
By Enrico Gazzano posted in News
Today I am sharing a great story about how recently one of our clients, Caspar Armster, created with his wife a digital picture dictionary which is helping to overcome language barriers in Germany with refugees.
By Daniela Sabatini posted in News
The Frankfurt Book Fair will always be a "book" fair. But in recent years the fair has made a concerted effort to attract entrepreneurs and new digital media companies from around the world
By Angelo Scicolone posted in News
We are excited to announce the availability of the biggest update to PubCoder ever.