Benvenuti ABCinese

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A big welcome to Chinese children in Italian schools

The idea of making BenvenutiABCinese came from a group of educators and teachers, who have asked us to create a version of BenvenutiABC that included the Chinese language; the Chinese community  is among the most numerous in Italian schools. This project  is intended as a small contribution to the integration of many Chinese children who attend Italian classrooms everyday. 

This interactive ebook can be used on mobile phones, online, on a browser of a computer or on a LIM.

The Chinese version is edited by Giulia Natale and Silvia Torchio, who translated and edited the audio recording; the collaboration with the head teacher Carlo Sinicco and teachers Chiara, Camilla and Rita of Via Santa Chiara kindergarten part of school complex Pacchiotti of Turin has been crucial. The school has 582 kids in the primary school of which 21 are Chinese, and 159 in the kindergarten of which 9 are Chinese and it renews annually its historic tradition of integration. 

This interactive dictionary includes 210 everyday words with audio tracks in three languages ​​(Italian / English / Chinese); every word is animated, in order to make the children's experience more fun. 17 new illustrators joined the wonderful 124 illustrators who previously participated in creating BenvenutiABC. They allowed to increase the vocabulary and made this work even more complete: so today we thank 141 extraordinary illustrators and all the people who have given their time and talents; in particular we want to thank the sweet Yue Zhao for the Chinese voice and Arianna Papini for the poetic image of the cover.

The entire project is available to download for free and we hope that schools, educators, communities and families will use it and will send us your comments and observations.

Do you want to organise a presentation of Benvenuti ABC and Benvenuti ABCinese in your school? Do you want to realise your own project with your class, your school or your association? Contact us for more information.

To view BenvenutiABCinese download Edook for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, a digital library of free content, available to all Pubcoder users who wish to share a project made for children and teenagers. 


Benvenuti ABCinese, made with Pubcoder, has been designed to be used on mobile phones and tablets. Our technology also allows you to publish your work into a website, and that's exactly what we did here below! 200 beautiful interactive boards that you can animate with your mouse or your finger; you can listen to reading of words, numbers, colors, parts of the body and family. Enjoy!

Tap the words to hear the reading (ita/eng/chinese)

Click on the picture to start the animation



Annalisa Zambelli Ilaria Zanellato

141 thanks


Benvenuti ABCinese is an initiative of PubCoder, Giulia Natale, Silvia Torchio and the Pacchiotti school of Turin.

From an original idea of ​​Anna Karina Birkenstock and Caspar Armster.

The PubCoder Team

A lot of extraordinary people helped us to make it.

Yue Zhao for reading in Chinese

Giancarlo Judica for reading in Italian

Mattia Garofalo for reading in English

The recordings were made by Franco Russo with the direction of Vito Andriani

Sound design edited by Paolo Favaro

For some sound effects