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A warm welcome to refugee and migrant children in Greek schools

The project Benvenuti ABC Greek is a digital triple-language dictionary in Greek, English and Arab. It is a useful tool for Primary School teachers, who are teaching Greek to foreign students. Technological innovations in teaching create new opportunities, allowing students to learn new languages and build bridges towards seemingly distant worlds. Benvenuti ABC Greek allows a quick view of common words, numbers and colours, establishing quick comparisons with equivalent words in our own language. A clear added value is the ability to listen to the pronunciation of words; also the use of animations facilitates a more relaxed atmosphere and provides a useful tool for educational needs. Giving value and meaning to the knowledge of languages for foreign students is a driving force of integration: our hope is that the work continues with the creation of other dictionaries because our world has become small, inhabited by many different cultures which are enriching our experience with stimuli and wisdom, arousing in us admiration for the many forms in which humanity is expressed.

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Benvenuti ABC Greek, made with PubCoder, has been designed to be used on mobile phones and tablets. Our technology also allows you to publish your work into a website, and that's exactly what we did here below! 200 beautiful interactive boards that you can animate with your mouse or your finger; you can listen to reading of words, numbers, colors, parts of the body and family. Enjoy!

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Annalisa Zambelli Ilaria Zanellato

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Benvenuti ABC Greek is an initiative of PubCoder, Giulia Natale, Ioannis Lefkos and Maria Mitsiaki

From an original idea of Anna Karina Birkenstock and Caspar Armster.

The PubCoder Team

A lot of extraordinary people helped us to
make it.

Vasilis Lefkos for reading in Greek

Giancarlo Judica for reading in Italian

Mattia Garofalo for reading in English

For some sound effects