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Create engaging digital stories with ease.
Reach your readers in any language, on any device.
Publish in all digital formats for tablets, smartphones and browsers.


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The PubCoder development method provides a set of functions that allows the objects on the page to interact with each other, according to the actions of the user.


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With PubCoder you can export your project as ebook optimized for iBooks , Readium, Kobo and Kindle.


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PubCoder makes it easy to manage the translations of your digital book, processing them all within the same project.

  • All digital. All interactive.
    No code needed.

    interattivo image
    interattivo animation
    interattivo video
    interattivo sound
    interattivo gestures
    PubCoder is the perfect tool to easily create digital and interactive books.
    With PubCoder you can recognize users’ gestures and connect them to animated effects: rotate, move, enlarge and reduce, shake, show and hide objects; create animations and behaviors, and combine them to match your
    taste. You can lay out all sorts of digital assets (images, texts, audio files, videos etc) and combine them to a wide variety of events and actions.

  • Events

    Events reveal what the reader is doing with the device while reading the book: whether he is shaking it, or touching an object, dragging it or dropping it, or also pinching it or swiping on it..
    For each of those gestures, one or more actions can be applied.
    eventi touch


    reveals when an objects is touched

    eventi drag


    reveals when an object is dragged on the screen

    eventi pinch


    reveals when an object is “pinched” among the fingers

    eventi show


    reveals when an object is shown

    eventi swipe


    reveals when an object is “swiped” away

    eventi read aloud


    PubCoder provides a set of tools to synchronize audio files with text, in order to highlight it while reading. Just define the text separator, choose the color of the highlighted text, upload your file. PubCoder will do all the rest.

    eventi smart object

    Smart Object

    Exploit your HTML widgets: PubCoder allows you to insert exercises, games and maps into your layout in a very simple way.

  • Actions

    Actions are behaviors that can be applied to your contents. You can link them up to the events, or concatenate them to create animated sequences.

    You can create different sequences for the same object, making it behave in a different way each time the user is controlling it.
    For example, you can make it disappear when it’s touched, and make it

    smaller if it’s pinched, you can make an object bounce on the page when the tablet is shaken, or play a sound when a specific action is completed.

    All actions may be played one after the other, or all together.


    azioni drag


    allows to drag an object

    azioni hide


    hides an object

    azioni move


    moves an object

    azioni play


    plays a video or a sound

    azioni show


    shows an object

    azioni switch


    allows to pass from an object to another

    azioni rotate


    rotates an object

    azioni scale


    enlarges or makes an object smaller



image multi-format

With PubCoder you can easily handle different book formats. You can process them all within the same project and switch between them with a simple click. In the early stages of the project you can choose a specific combination of format, page size, and language to define the default workspace.

Whenever you whish to create a different version of your ebook in order to fit a new device or to issue a different translation, PubCoder will allow you to set a new workspace and differently customize your project.



PubCoder can easily create and manage different versions of your book in different languages.
The assets are held into a single project file, and it’s possible to switch from a language to another by a simple click.
Every localized version will generate a single file package, ready to be published in the appropriate store.
PubCoder can easily manage non-Latin characters (such as Chinese, Arabic or Cyrillic) and both left-to-right and right-to-left writing directions and pages browsing.

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